The convergence of

Artificial Intelligence AI

Blockchain Technologies BC

& Human Intelligence HI


At Varro Technologies we believe that embracing the full power and potential of humanity is only possible through the intersection and convergence of emerging technologies, using human ingenuity across all fields. With perseverance, persistence, innovation, and enlightenment, our humanity has brought us from primitive beings to modern day humans.

We will only be able to create the future we all deserve if we continue to learn, evolve, and apply lessons and principles from our past.

The group’s vision is to marry technology with science, business, and the liberal arts to create synergies, that advance emerging technologies, yet also create and preserve shareholder wealth.

We believe it is at the intersections of these disciplines, that true innovation will be realized. We call this the Polymath approach.


Alison Alexis Principal +1 604-999-7878
Jean-Marc Bellefeuille Principal
Hesham Mahrous Principal
Bob Summerwill Advisor